Tomelo Natura Packaging

The Tomelo Natura Soap packaging design project aims at safeguarding environmental issues using recycled raw materials and highlighting the values associated with this authentic, genuine and 100% natural product.

The production of donkey milk soap contributes to the promotion and conservation of the native breed of the “Burro do Nordeste de Portugal” (Portugal’s Northeast donkey), animals that graze freely in the meadows of the region.

Another distinctive characteristic is the fact that the pieces of wood used in the packaging come from pruning and cleaning branches of trees in forests and can function as natural air fresheners when impregnated with a few drops of essential oil.

To illustrate this project, we searched hundreds of images from the Centro Português de Fotografia (Portuguese Photography Centre), selecting the one that best portrays the relationship between people and these docile animals. It is a photo taken 100 years ago (on 1st November, 1918) in the Northeast region of Portugal and shows a group of children going around the country on their donkeys.


Donkey’s milk contains vitamins, proteins and fatty acids very important for the skin. Its effect on the production of collagen and its antioxidant properties promote cell regeneration and delay the aging of the skin. Among the many benefits of using these products are the increase in skin’s firmness and elasticity.

With this soap you will get a “Cachico de Pau” (a little piece of wood) which can then be used as a natural air freshener in conjunction with an essential oil. This is a simple, natural and beautiful piece of wood, and when impregnated with a few drops of an essential oil, becomes a magnificent natural air freshener.

This region of Portugal, unknown to most of the people, is one of the most beautiful, genuine and traditional in the country. It deserves your visit! Come and meet the donkeys that give milk to Tomelo products.
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