Tomelo Natura at European Design Awards

Not only is Tomelo distinguished by the quality of its products … Once again the packaging design of “Sabonete Natura” receives a bronze medal at the “European Design Awards”, one of the most internationally renowned design festivals, which this year was held in Oslo, capital of Norway, the jury consisting of fourteen elements from fourteen countries.

The design of this packaging is based on the use of environmentally friendly, recyclable raw materials. It is also intended to enhance the region of the north-east of Portugal, namely the photograph taken in 1918 in the Northeast of Portugal, kindly provided by the Portuguese Center of Photography, which we thank you in advance. And when we talk about thanks these results are only possible thanks to a group of entities and people involved in this project.

Namely “PMDESIGN”, Thank you Paulo Marcelo for the fantastic work.

Tipalto – Tipografia do Planalto, Lda, with headquarters in the parish of Palaçoulo in the heart of the Planalto Mirandês, thank you very much to Tipalto, thank you Tó André for the patience and the manifestation of quality in the preparation of our packaging.

These results are the manifestation that even being in a region far from the great centers and with significant population losses, with a huge rural exodus can do fantastic things, just believe in dreams … THANK YOU ALL.