Wood Mushroom


This wood mushroom results from the use of branches of trees from pruning and clearing of forests for the purpose of preventing forest fires.

The wood is then dried and turned into a mushroom shape.

It may be small, fat, slender or solid, with broad, round, tall, or thin flap. All these shapes will depend on the inspiration of the craftsman.

The type of wood used depends on the availability of wood. They can be made of olive wood, boxwood, ash, cherry, holm oak, willow, juniper or oak.

The shape and/or wood of the mushroom shipped is randomly selected. If you want a special type of mushroom, you can send us an email at the time you place your order, and if possible and available we will try to fulfill your request.

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Product 100% BIO. No chemical additives and no electricity.

This wood mushroom is also a beautiful decorative piece for any room in your home.

This product has to be used in conjunction with an essential oil. Tomelo essential oils come from organic farming.

How to use

Put a few drops of essential oil under the mushroom flap. Let it absorb and rest the mushroom in its natural position. After a few minutes the aroma of the oil begins to be released, perfuming the environment pleasantly.


100% wood

Additional information

Weight 140 g